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New Year’s Eve Remembering….

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I believe this poem by P. K. PAGE illumines the miracle of remembering. Remembering BY P. K. PAGE ... memory... can, in the living head, create and make new the sometimes appallingly ancient present and sting the sleeping thing to a sudden seeing. And as a tree with all its leaves relaxed can shiver at [...]

In face of daily radiation – I am returning to higher levels of energy – following “My Personal Call to Greatness!”

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Regaining energy Joan C. King Interesting how although I am receiving daily radiation I am regaining energy! Yes, in the later part of the day after radiation in the early afternoon I experience being tired. This feels like a normal tiredness not at all resembling the heavy feeling that accompanied chemotherapy. During the weeks after [...]

The Radiance of Being – Let yours shine today

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The Radiance of Being Joan C. King Today, let the radiance of your being shine! How do you do this? Just BE the TRUTH of who you are! We have no true comprehension of the magnificence of our being. My experience with the cells of our body has opened a portal for me to see [...]

Another milestone – following “My Personal Call to Greatness!”

By |2010-12-15T16:07:55+00:00December 15th, 2010|News|

Yesterday, I had the port through which chemo reagents were introduced into my body removed at the University of Colorado Hospital in Denver! HOORAY - another milestone that life is returning to become more normal! Thanks, Carmen, my friend, for chauffeuring me to Denver, celebrating my release from chemo at dinner and sharing our themes [...]

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