Regaining energy

Joan C. King

Interesting how although I am receiving
daily radiation
I am regaining energy!

Yes, in the later part of the day
after radiation in the early afternoon
I experience being tired.
This feels like a normal tiredness
not at all resembling
the heavy feeling that
accompanied chemotherapy.

During the weeks after chemo
I felt a heavy weight, as heavy as lead,
permeating the center of my being
and all my cells sinking into
the heaviness at my core.
I believe I was in another dimension
of awareness
during that time.

Now, I feel the energy of LIFE
pulsing in my mind, my heart,
the center of my being.

I am GRATEFUL for the total experience
of meeting the challenge
for I know it brought me to places
I have never before known.

Now, I feel even more CONNECTED
to people, PEACEFUL within,
PATIENT as I witness and allow
the unfolding of life.
So happy