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“CHERISH your visions! CHERISH your ideals!” – a Jolt of Joan for the week of 1/31/11

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This week we focus on "CHERISHING your visions! CHERISHING your ideals! YOU are the one who hears the music within, who experiences the visions! YOU are the one who makes decisions that allow them to flourish. Listen to Joan's Podcast this week

“Your inner BLUEPRINT – Truth & Conflict!” – A Jolt of Joan for the week of 1/24/11

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In this week's "Jolt of Joan" I speak of our "inner blueprint" and the first principle of Cellular Wisdom articulated in the foundational book of the Cellular Wisdom series: "The Code of Authentic Living CELLULAR WISDOM" Listen and act from your truth this week!

Celebrating a New Year – Across the world

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A herd of Elk, about 30, passing through our property in Redstone Canyon, (west of Fort Collins, CO) outside our fence. Celebrating New Year's Eve at home. Thanks Paula for the tall candles and thanks Annette and Larry for the arrangement on the table. The picture of the elk was taken from these French doors [...]

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