“The possession of Knowledge, unless accompanied by a manifestation and expression in Action, is a vain and foolish thing. Knowledge, like Wealth, is intended for Use.”
-Hermes Trismagitus 300 BC

As we prepare to spend a second March without the presence of Joan in physical body I pause to reflect on the legacy of love and laughter that she left with me to share with others.

In the nine meetings that Joan and I shared, we developed a deep and intimate connection.  United by a shared passion to practice and teach the integration of ancient wisdom and modern science our connection was fast and deep.   Although our verbal commitment was to share 16 hours of coach training, the actual commitment was to share a special chapter of life. Rather than following the established curriculum of coach training, we had conversations about quantum physics, consciousness, ancestors, her life journey and her passion for and leadership in coaching. Those conversations were supported by the beauty of her house and land while the sunshine, deer, sage, and cats supported our work.

While for me the shared time was the beginning of a new professional chapter, for her I saw the releasing of her body as her consciousness returned to energy. My life is richer for the legacy of love and laughter that she left me to share with others. I now share a few of those stories to connect with others that didn’t have the opportunity to meet with her in person

Love: The Greek language has over 30 words to express love. The word that best describes the love we shared is agape – unconditional wide open wonder. I committed unconditionally to continue coach training (http://successunlimitednet.com/). The core of this training is to facilitate people’s ability to access and align with the power of their unique life purpose. It also gave me tools to effectively facilitate my clinic “patients” accessing their own guidance in creating health.

Laughter: Increased laughter in my life started during a workshop meditation led by Joan when I experienced laughing at a cabbage head sitting on my lap.  It was expanded during a September 2014 meeting when I met with other coaches who had worked with Joan. One of these women (Kathleen Bathory) shared a video on her cell phone of Joan playing a game. The game was to walk 20 feet with a quarter clenched in their buttocks and drop it in a bucket. The strength and force of Joan’s laughter saturated my being and although her consciousness had left her body I was able to connect with another aspect of Joan. That love of laughter and life served to guide me as I started facilitating laughter wellness workshops with the first of those public workshops being shared on her birthday weekend with a group of business women that were fellow leaders with Joan. Can you imagine 22 business women gathered in circles tossing imaginary laughter balls to each other? Please share the wisdom of joy and laughter as Joan shares joy and laughter. This birthday weekend I celebrated a year of facilitating laughter wellness workshops by offering another group the opportunity to chose to LAUGH!. Please join me in celebrating Joan’s life.

Written by Sharon Montes