Whether you’re young or old, corporate or unemployed, male or female, professional speaker Dr. Joan C. King will be an inspiration to you. Her belief that each of us contains an inner wisdom that can inform all of our life decisions is applicable to human beings across class, cultural, and economic lines.

Listen to Joan right here. Stream Joan’s reading of the first chapter of her book, The Code of Authentic Living. Or listen to Joan being interviewed on radio broadcasts. Watch Joan speak in the video. All are sure to bring comfort and illumination.

Listen to the introduction to Joan’s book, The Code of Authentic Living, read by Joan herself.

Creative Cells – Joan King at TEDx Front Range – 2012

Joan’s Talk at International Women’s Day – March 8, 2011

Graceful aging and the brain. Wisdom: An adventure of mind and soul.

Ignite Fort Collins 2: Brain S.H.I.T. Synapses Hormones Ions Transmitters

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Listen to Joan’s interviews on radio broadcasts