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Joan King’s life path embodies the blending of the hard and noetic sciences. At the tender age of seventeen, she stepped into life at the Dominican convent in her hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana. Eleven years later she left that religious training to become a chemist, and then received a Ph.D. in neuroscience and psychology. Her twenty-year tenure as a professor at Tufts University School of Medicine, lead her to a dynamic crossroads of personal self-discovery. She left academia. Her new found "inner knowing" ignited the writing of her first book. It became the foundation in understanding how our bodies model the teachings of our beliefs. Joan King’s blending of science and spirituality birthed her professional coaching business, Beyond-Success LLC, in 1998.

Health Update

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Thank you for joining your energy with mine, over these past few weeks, on behalf of my healing. The surround of collective energy has been a source of great comfort, inspiration, and love. The June 4 trial is no longer a possibility. At this point, the pathway to healing the disease has passed out of [...]

Health Status

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Health Status Each time I set about writing a Health Status, something changes. The facts: So please accept this as a projection of the future only. 1. Had chemotherapy from the time I left Victoria BC and Network and Leadership conference in Nov until late April, different reagents, minimally effective. 2. Had a biopsy of [...]

The FIRE of Relationships – Workshop 2 – in Colorado and around the world

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The FIRE of Relationships: The WISDOM of Love: 2. This Thursday, April 17,  evening 5:30 pm- 7 pm Mountain (4:30 Parciic; 6:30 Central; 7:30 Eastern; 23:30 GMT) Where is the FIRE in your relationship with a significant other, family member, business associate, friend or with yourself? What is the meaning and joy that this relationship [...]

“Time for unfolding!” A Jolt of Joan for the week of March 24, 2014

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A Time for Unfolding! Joan C King Unfolding demands time to release its surprises. During this time we can only wait in the darkness of uncertainty not knowing what will emerge. The process can bring forth something unexpected and potentially cause us to change the trajectory of our lives. It can cut through logically conceived [...]

How to participate in Thursday, March 20, Relationship workshop LIVE from anywhere

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This Thursday,March 20, the Relationship workshops begin in Colorado and around the world   This is HOW to participate from anywhere LIVE: 1. Click on this link to go to my Ustream channel: 2. See "The Fire of Relationships: The Wisdom of Love 1 (under my picture)" Click on the "Buy Now" button (on [...]

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