“The cellular wisdom series of books is not a declaration of dogma, but rather is a vehicle for me to share my insights about the teachings of our cells and our bodies about how to thrive in our lives as individuals and in relationship, from intimate to corporate to community to planetary. My books are intended to stimulate you to explore and uncover your own insights.”
–Joan C. King

The Cellular Wisdom Series

The Code of Authentic Living: Cellular Wisdom | Joan C. King, Fort Collins, CO, 2009


The Code of Authentic Living is the foundational book in the five book Cellular Wisdom Series. Here, Joan explores the teachings of the body about how to thrive as an individual and how to thrive in relationships from intimate to corporate to planetary. She speaks to audiences about how our bodies model these teachings, how the mechanisms individual cells utilize to thrive can be applied to our lives. She explains how interactions among cells, necessary for complex organisms to exist, lead us to understand relationships and their importance in evoking our greatness.

Cellular Wisdom for Women: An Inner Work Book | Joan C. King, Fort Collins, CO, 2008

books-cw-womenCellular Wisdom for Women addresses the issues that I have seen stop women, personally and professionally, such as “Not good enough?” Joan helps the reader transcend these limiting thoughts and feelings by leading them to find their greatness in their inner cellular wisdom.  She speaks to audiences about how to get in touch with their cellular wisdom and understand the basis of their greatness and dissolve these limiting barriers. Joan believes we can learn the teachings of the body and use them to thrive, personally and professionally.

A Life on Purpose: Wisdom at Work | Joan C. King, Fort Collins, CO, 2012

A LIFE on PURPOSE: Wisdom at Work examines not just new business models, but also new ways of perceiving business. Author, Dr. Joan C. King, simplifies the complexities of business by guiding the reader through an understanding of how the body simplifies complex systems to run efficiently, cooperatively, and harmoniously. The reader applies these understandings, that like the body, a business also has cellular wisdom, to create unique paradigms organic to their business models. Joan clarifies primary operative scientific principles, gives examples of those principles in action in business and guides the reader through exercises to hone their objectives, values and practices to succeed in business.

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