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Happy to say – I am scheduling appointments, once again! 2 weeks and a day after the LAST chemo – following “My Personal Call to Greatness!”

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Ah, the joy of life! Joan C. King As the flow of life increases I am feeling almost like a normal person! I am happy to say I am scheduling appointments once again, this time around my radiation schedule. It feels so wonderful to begin to taste life once more, to feel energy, even though [...]

What vibrations are your thoughts sending out, today?

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The vibrations of thought Joan C. King Thoughts carry and send out energy. Repetitive thoughts create strings of energy, melodies that are played and replayed. What are the vibrations of your thoughts, today? Do you want to experience peace instead of chaos? ease instead of struggle? connectedness instead of aloneness? flow instead of drive? Each [...]

Lighten up, today – SMILE!

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Lighten up, today - SMILE! Joan C. King Lighten up, today and SMILE and watch how people respond! The gift you can always give is the gift of a SMILE! SMILE a hundred times today and watch a hundred lights lit! Give everyone the benefit of your beautiful SMILE!

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