A Jolt of Joan
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helping you evoke your greatness.

The pay-it-forward principle was a foundation of Joan’s life and work. Donations to the Joan King Scholarship at Colorado State University will support exceptional students with an interest in science and engineering. Support exceptional students with an interest in bioscience and bioengineering and a willingness to engage their greatness for the benefit of many.
A Jolt of Joan

Meagan O’Nan

Meagan is a keynote speaker, award-winning author, photographer, artist, and her purpose to help bring unity and understanding to all situations. Read More.

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Genius is self-bestowed while mediocrity is self-inflicted.
This is Joan’s favorite quote from philosopher Walter Russell. Knowing that every person has an inner wisdom, Joan encouraged her clients to be brave and daring. Accessing the wisdom within you, you come to know what you need to do to create a meaningful and fulfilling life. Read more.

“Over the last year, my life has completely changed. I am absolutely amazed at how having her as a mentor has helped me to process things quickly, move forward, and take control of my dreams. She has inspired me to be everything that I am.”

Life on Purpose & Author of Creating Your Heaven on Earth