Another way to hear Joan’s voice! Read how Joan answers questions posed to her about how she entered the world of personal coaching from her 20-year background in the sciences, and what her beliefs about personal coaching are.

This interview with Dr. Joan C. King reveals how science and spirituality led her to true fulfillment through authentic self-expression. The multi-faceted King is a neuroscientist, speaker, professional/personal coach, co-developer of Transition Pathways, and creator of Beyond Success, an umbrella organization for speaking, consulting and coaching programs. She is also author of the Cellular Wisdom series of books.

Q: What inspired you to go in this direction with your scientific interests?
A: Initially, spiritual needs as a basis for scientific studies. I went to a Dominican convent for 11 years to become a nun and didn’t find the answers I was seeking. A switch of perspective happened – and everything was there to support it scientifically. Connect with Spirit – let your being show you how to live. I KNOW this, not believe it like “Faith.”
Q: Who are you appealing to with the coaching programs you offer in “Beyond Success?”
A: People who are searching for joy, self-actualization, and a sense of purpose in their lives. Often, they are people who have achieved professional and financial success but don’t feel fulfilled.
Q: What is the connection between your book, “Cellular Wisdom”, and your “Beyond Success” coaching programs?
A: The teacher is within. Cells model how to live exuberantly. I shifted my perspective to how our own body can become our teacher. Coaching encourages self-discovery: the coach holds a mirror and asks “What do you see yourself doing ten years from now? What do you dream of doing?” Then, I extrapolate from that – have the person take some of that energy they’ve been holding back and allow it to unwind. Even if you change careers, I believe you never lose the learning experiences you’ve had all your life.
Q: How do we use “Cellular Wisdom” to attain our goals of self-actualization?
A: Follow the examples of the body. Neurons take time to recharge and have to rest between firing. People don’t allow themselves to take time off to recharge. It changed my life when I took a leave of absence and studied writing and poetry and allowed my feelings to incubate, allowed myself to explore.

Neurons migrating into the brain travel in clusters. They travel together and it helps them find their way. We also don’t have to do everything alone. We can work like the cells – taking what we need from the bloodstream, or like the neurons – having very close relationships that lets them extract what they need. Cells are who they are, they don’t deny who they are. We need to be who we are. We can’t deny the essence of who we are.

Q: What sets you apart from other business or life coaches? Other coaches also claim to help people attain higher levels of achievement.
A: Usually people come to me when they’re successful in business but not fulfilled. Or they see that the trajectory they’re on isn’t leading them to success. Sometimes, they end up leaving the discipline they’re in. The work isn’t satisfying, meaningful. They CAN use their experience to make a contribution. I work from the INSIDE OUT. What are their values? What gives meaning in their personal life? There is often happiness in service (to others). I help people discover the inner aspects of who they are and align who they are with what they do. People have to learn what’s right for them. They need self-reflection before they can begin to take action. Together with the client, I create strategic action plans for them, helping them in unfolding their energy and contributing to the world.

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