I believe this poem by P. K. PAGE
illumines the miracle of remembering.



… memory…
can, in the living head, create and make
new the sometimes appallingly ancient present
and sting the sleeping thing
to a sudden seeing.
And as a tree with all its leaves relaxed
can shiver at the memory of wind
or the still waters of a pool recall
their springing origin and rise and fall
suddenly over the encircling basin’s lip—
so I, remembering from now to then,
can know and see and feel again, as jewels
must when held in a brilliant branch of sun.
Joan C. King
Relish the jewels you hold in the sun
or in the moonlight
today and tonight!
Break in the New Year with loving
memories of those who saw and appreciated you
for that which you could not see yourself.
These are our true friends!