The harmony of alignment

by Joan C King

We recognize the need to adjust the angle of our tires so that instead of pulling in different directions, our cars drive straight ahead. Resistance is minimized, gas mileage increased, tires wear more evenly and, in general, our ride is safer. Alignment of our thoughts, beliefs, values and actions also produces greater flow, ease and forward movement in our professional and personal lives. Creativity is enhanced and struggle minimized as a result of the harmony generated by alignment. Gandi reminds us “Action expresses priorities.” What priorities do your actions point to? If this assignment appeals to you, this week take only 5 minutes each day, to consider, “What needs to be aligned, today?” Is it a negative view of the world that creates struggle, minimizes your creative expression and your success in work and life? Is it a way of speaking that expresses futility or fails to express possibility? Is it a desire to break out of the pattern of old, non-productive behaviors that you keep hidden and fail to risk expressing? What is disturbing the alignment of your thoughts, beliefs, values and actions? Taking precious few minutes to explore these, identify what needs adjustment and proceeding to create alignment will generate greater flow, ease and forward movement in your work and in your life.