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Don’t miss Joan C King speaking tonight – 7 – 8 pm – Midtown Arts Center – Fort Collins, CO – FREE

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How tired are you of living a story in which you are: Overworked, overtired and overwhelmed? Disempowered and fragmented? Stressed and chaotic? How ready are you to create a NEW story in which you are: In flow and energized? Expressing the truth of who you are? Stretching to expand beyond who you are now? Are [...]

“Be your BEST and reduce STRESS!” A Jolt of Joan for the week of Nov 18, 2012

By |2015-03-05T17:43:34+00:00November 18th, 2012|Jolts, News| Click on the date above to listen to this week's "Jolt of Joan" As the end of 2012 draws closer and the holiday celebrations loom large, many experience stress in many forms. Anticipating being with family and friends may elicit concern over questions we are likely to be asked.  “How are you doing? How [...]

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