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A tribute to Diane

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Early in the evening yesterday, we received the news, our friend and colleague, Diane Hetherington, passed away. A Tribute to Diane Your presence infused us with the energy of your being, an open, inviting and loving energy. It aches, deeply, to know we no longer have your physical presence among us. All night last night [...]

“Relationships MATTER!” A Jolt of Joan for the week of Sept 20, 2010

By |2015-03-05T18:49:42+00:00September 19th, 2010|Jolts, News, Podcasts| As I was recording this podcast, I reflected on how much relationships have meant to me as I follow "My Personal Call to Greatness!"  Relationships DO MATTER in life and in work. Yet, how do we nurture them given the pace of our lives. Listen and reflect, you may find some easy but significant [...]

Asheville, North Carolina – following “My Personal Call to Greatness!”

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Just left the coaching retreat for Success Unlimited Network Coaches. What a marvelous group of coaches and what incredible interactions. I loved giving my talk on "Discovering Your Inner Greatness!"  We continued the conversation in many different ways. Thank You ALL for such incredible heart-centered connections. You Never Know Author Unknown You never know when [...]

“Values and Stress?” Jolt of Joan

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Now in Hendersonville, North Carolina, at the beautiful Kanuga Conference Center, I have recorded the Jolt of Joan. What is the relationship between "Values and Stress?" Listen to Joan's 2 min podcast to learn about this relationship. Download the mp3 file and listen to it as often as you desire.

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