I had the privilege to work with Joan for many years.  While reflecting on what to write about to honor Joan on her birthday, I was overwhelmed with all I learned from her.  The many lessons, insights, and shifts I had, and continue to have in my life after working with and knowing her will never leave me.  I am so grateful that the gift of her voice is so deeply rooted in my spirit. Each time I need to hear her, she is there.  So today as I tried to focus on just one of the lessons, the word EXPANSIVE filled me.

Expansiveness was a philosophy Joan and I often explored.  At times it was the focus of a session, while other times it was a thread in the tapestry.  Joan encouraged me to go deeper, to go further, to not believe in limits.  Expansiveness is about how to live in the fullness of life and expand our consciousness. How can you be more of yourself and have more in your life? Is the dream big enough?  What if it were bigger? She used the analogy of binoculars,  questioning if the lenses were wide enough.  What if you were to widen them and expand the view? What else is possible? Her words resonate clear, and deep within.  How can I thrive in the expansiveness and richness of possibilities?

Through Joan, I cultivate the art of having an expansive perspective. Those who knew her know this is how she lived her life. She was an artist and her medium was expansiveness.  The result was beautiful and inspirational.

Joan told me through silence she heard the hum of the soul, which later became her book “Cellular Wisdom”.  I am thankful that in silence I continue to hear her hum in my soul.

Written by Tiffany Lehman