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The Point of Stillness by Joan C King   In the midst of activity there is a point of stillness within where ALL IS WELL! The call to rest in that place from time to time remains with me. HERE is where I let go of demands I place on myself OR internalize others' expectations. [...]

The song “At Last”

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Last night on The Voice Will Champlin from Adam Levine’s team sang a great rendition of Etta James’ “At Last.”   You might be interested in watching Christina Aguilera sing “At Last” at Etta James’ Funeral […]

Life’s DAZZLING energy

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Life's DAZZLING energy! Joan C King Nov. 7, 2013    Life's DAZZLING energy draws me in to recognize its magnificence, to roll around in its abundance and rejoice in its unfathomable power! I recognize and am grateful for its presence in all dimensions of my being. Funny, how close I feel to the DAZZLING energy [...]

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