We are headed to The Endocrine Society Annual Meeting tomorrow, Friday June 18th. We look forward to connecting with friends, while in San Diego.  We return to Colorado,  Monday evening – June 21st.

Surgery is scheduled for Thursday, June 24th,  in Denver at the University of Colorado Breast Center. It is outpatient surgery. Our plan is to go to Denver the night of June 23rd before surgery and stay with a good friend, Dr. Maggie Wierman. We will also stay with her the night of the 24th, returning home on Friday, June 25.

Wonderful, marvelous people are connecting with us to find out how can they help. If you have been reading the blog, you know I find walking in the canyon wonderful. I know that my physicians will not want me to walk alone, though they encourage me to continue walking.

If you love to walk in a beautiful place, come and walk with me. I will not be talking as we walk, as I love to listen to music and tune into nature at that time. Let me know if you would like to walk with me for an hour or so, probably shorter times closer to surgery. I plan to start to walk as soon as possible after surgery.

I do not know what chemotherapy or radiation therapy post-surgery will entail or when it will begin. Stay tuned.

One learning for me in this experience is to allow others to help me. This is not the easiest thing for me as I have been self sufficient for so long. However, I realize this is the time for me to connect with people more deeply than I have before.

So, yes, I am welcome your help.

Thank You!