Watch the PowerPoint of this morning’s talk. Goingfrom_here_to_there

Before leaving for San Diego and The Endocrine Society Meeting I am giving a talk at the invitation of Lauri Dykstra to speak at The Second Annual Women Leadership Program for Safeway leaders. Thank you, Lauri for the opportunity to speak to these leaders. And a big thanks to you for driving me to Windsor and Chet for driving me to the Denver International Airport. You are GREAT folks!

Aren’t we all looking to go “from HERE to THERE?” See us together here.

I have attached the PowerPoint Presentation as a .pdf file. To view it, just click on the link OR save it as a pdf. Then, open Adobe Acrobat, open the file, click on “View” and then “Full Screen.” Now you can page through the presentation using your mouse clicking from slide to slide.

At the end of the presentation I play a video “Go Beyond Success to GREATNESS!”

You can view the video by clicking on the link