Listen to Joan reading her poem

This morning walking the canyon roads I felt the invitation to release any fear or sadness that might be lingering in the backroads of my mind to the earth. It was a lovely invitation from the earth. In response I felt a lightness as the earth so willingly absorbed my concerns about how my life might be turned around by this unexpected discovery. I heard myself saying
“I choose to be healed.”
“I choose love.”
“I choose to be love.”

A deep peacefulness moved through the chambers of my being like a soft breeze lifting my heart and mind to a dimensionless place of lightness and love.

I began to hear the words of a poem I had written at another time in my life where I entered the unknown – when I left academia – to go where????

The words “Who’s there?” echoed in the chambers of my mind. Leaving academia, I asked “Who’s there when you strip away the titles, the roles…?” Now, I asked “Who’s there whn you strip away the illness?”

As before, I heard
“You are Spirit. You are Free. You are forever.”

And once again, an indescriblable joy flowed through me. I am home