The Create Your New Story Series Will Be  Seen Live, Experienced Around the World

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Watch this short video. Joan speaks about the series.

FORT COLLINS, COLO. –An upcoming speaker series at state of the art Midtown Arts Center is expected to make a global impact Live on stage with men and women from around the region plus others on nearly every continent via the Internet and Ustream technology.

The brainchild of Loveland based author and international speaker Dr. Joan C. King, The Create Your New Story series is set to begin Thursday, February 28th in downtown Fort Collins and includes six, Live on-stage events between then and November 21st. Through this series, King will take participants on an unfolding journey that focuses on six key themes from her latest book A Life on Purpose: Wisdom at Work. People from as far away as Boston, Calgary, London, Sydney, and Tokyo will join area residents in the same opportunity to awaken their inner voice and begin a new story for their lives and the communities and organizations they serve.

“Her presentations are conversational and grounded in science. They demonstrate how every person has distinct knowledge, as if encoded in the cells of their body, waiting to be discovered,” says Ann Clarke, President & CEO—Colorado Women of Influence, LLC. “She connects with any audience on many levels. I have watched crowds hang on her every word, Dr. King is that rare combination of high content and entertaining speaker.”

King has been speaking to leading organizations around the world for the past two decades. She is a Neuroscientist and professor emerita at Tufts University School of Medicine (1979-1999) after serving as department chair (1992-1997). Prior to that, King was a Dominican Sister in her native New Orleans for 11 years. Since 1998, her work as an author, speaker and certified master coach is all about finding and engaging people’s greatness and having them write a new personal story for their lives.

 Through numerous examples, personal stories, and scientific references, the Create Your NEW Story series is designed to show people how to clearly and easily interpret the truths that the human body teaches and how to live a truly fulfilling life.  King helps people to explore the landscape within, working to identify their values and articulate them to be able to retire the old story of their life and write a new one to replace it.

“In my lifetime I have had many dreams – of being a Dominican sister, one I pursued for many years,” says King, a resident of Loveland since 2003 and active member in the community. “It brought me many gifts.  It did not satisfy my yearning for a more expansive life. I then pursued the dream of being a scientist.  It also intrigued me for many more years and brought me many gifts.  Once again, however, I dreamed a bigger dream.  I am grateful that I moved on from my earlier dreams so that today I can live an expanded story and help many other people do the same.” 

 According to King, the process she will explore during the series is one that translates people’s strengths and dreams into a series of next steps. Typically, identifying dreams and developing them doesn’t happen in a straight line. More than likely it consists of stops and starts, detours and corrections, doing and being. Participants in the Create Your NEW Story series will learn how to shift perspectives about themselves and the world.

 The cost per person to attend live is $59.00 for each of the six evenings, which includes dinner service, informal networking and King’s Live presentation.

Fotolia_47585252_Subscription_Monthly_XXLThe cost of participating remotely via www.ustream.tv/channel/joan-c-king is $20.00 per person for each event.


For more information about the dates, topics, pricing and to buy tickets to the entire six-part series “Create Your NEW Story,” visit www.midtownartscenter.com or call Midtown Art Center’s box office at (970) 225-2555. And to learn more about Dr. Joan C King and her work visit: www.Cellular-Wisdom.com/Events.html

Event Information at a Glance     

  • What: The “Create Your OWN Story” series with Joan C. King, Ph.D.
  • When: Six Thursday events at 5:30 PM beginning on February 28th and concluding November 21st, 2013.
  • Where: Midtown Arts Center, 3750 South Mason Street, Fort Collins, CO 80525     
  • Cost: Midtown Arts Live event is $59.00 per person. And participation via Upstream is $20.00 per person.     

About Dr. Joan C. King / Cellular WisdomFor author and visionary Dr. Joan C. King, it was a year long sabbatical during her highly successful academic career that allowed her to stop, examine, and reconstruct her entire life’s calling. This “time out” for King, the first real break she’d taken since childhood, was key to her discovery of Cellular Wisdom™ teachings and her series of books, which have already deeply impacted thousands of people around the world. To learn more about Author, Neuroscientist, Speaker and Founder of Beyond Success LLC Dr. Joan C. King , go to: www.Cellular-Wisdom.com.

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