Recognize and create your personal purpose.
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Understand the language of your spirit and listen to your wisdom.
Access your true inner code and change the patterns of your life.


Exploring Cellular Wisdom Joan articulated her vision and found her life’s passion, convinced that anyone can tap into their inherent wisdom. It could be predictive. It was surely pivotal. And it would certainly connect people to the intangible, personal truths of their lives. It is the core of her work, the basis of her writing, speaking, coaching and coach training.

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Joan C. King, Ph.D., a neuroscientist by training with decades of research experience, is a visionary, author, international speaker, master certified coach, and coach trainer. Her unique approach emerges from an ever evolving understanding of "Cellular Wisdom" coupled with her passion for evoking greatness.

How/Why Did an Accomplished Neuroscientist
Change Her Life Direction?

For author and visionary Dr. Joan C. King, the path to her purpose in life has been filled with more accomplishments than most people would realize in several lifetimes. Yet, it was a yearlong sabbatical during her highly successful academic career that allowed her to stop, examine, and reconstruct her entire life’s calling. This "time out" for King, the first real break she'd taken since childhood, was key to her discovery of Cellular WisdomTM teachings and series of books, which have already deeply impacted thousands of people around the world. The discovery of Cellular Wisdom also led Joan to coaching.

What Is Cellular Wisdom?

Cellular Wisdom is the preverbal wisdom carried by the energy infusing life into each one of our trillion cells, moment by moment. Accessing our cellular wisdom is a personal journey of Self-awareness. As we expand our awareness, the journey takes us deeper to a place where all is well, always. This wisdom directs the myriad functions and interactions of our cells. Living from our cellular wisdom in our larger lives, we become aware of the depth of authenticity informing our actions and interactions in and with the world outside of our "selves." We embody a new state of being. We come to realize the intimate connection between our cells and the integrated force that keeps them alive. It is here, in this point of connection where who we are speaks to us. We begin to know the magnificent nature of our true selves, as we live more and more completely from our Cellular Wisdom.

"As I continue to live from my cellular wisdom, I revise its description to reflect my ever evolving understanding of it."
–Joan C. King


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