Arrived in San Diego last night. Today we walked along the water. How incredibly delightful to see the boats and so many people out walking – all ages, very young to quite older. Wonderful to see people moving so energetically. Then Breakfast at “The Broken Yolk”  displaying flags of the countries competing in the soccer games. Much energy in the place as families and friends had breakfast, talking, smiling, laughing. Ah, the flow of life!

As we entered the convention center to pick up our badges for The Endocrine Society meeting we met old friends, scientists we have known, worked with, collaborated with for some time.

Off to meet my PR company owners, John Stellar and Kate Romero-Stellar of Stellar communications. More later…   I was so privileged to share the depth of your greatness, today, John and Katie. A BIG Thank You!

How amazing life is. I am so happy for this venue to share mine with you.