Listen to Joan speak about the significance of our challenges

This morning on my walk I felt the opening of my heart to all of you, in Colorado, from both coasts and across the world. I know that one of my lessons in this journey is deeply appreciating the geniune and loving connections with others. I have heard that many of you wonder whether to contact me or not and how. I have attempted to provide multiple vehicles, my blog, facebook, linked in, and of course there is always email. Should you call, I have heard. Yes, if you are moved to do so. I may not be available to answer your call but do leave a voice mail. Hearing the caring in your voice is so deeply encouraging to me. My office line 970.226.5626 may be busy because of my work with clients and/or coaches in training. In that case, please do not hesitate to call my home phone number 970.226.0503 or my cell 970.231.3351 and leave a message. I don’t know that I can answer every call or email, but please know that my not answering you personally does NOT mean that I do not appreciate your caring.

Yesterday, as I spoke on “Recognize your inner wealth” in Boulder, CO, I felt the deep connection of so many of you, there. Thank you for embracing me with such open arms.

It is time for us to wake up to the magnificent beings we truly are. We are NOT victims. We are STRONG beings who have coursing within our life force the wisdom of the ages. There is an abundance of life awaiting our call, every moment. I feel so VITAL, right now, in the midst of this all.

JOIN me in bringing forth more and more of your greatness!