Listen to Joan speaking of her journey and her invitation to you

Finding my footing was tricky this mornng as I walked in the rain on gravel and mud roads. I had to find the high points in the road to avoid slipping in the mud. How this reflected my current journey – finding the high road. If you are walking along with me, you, too may be looking for the high road.

Interestingly, I have heard from some of you that in light of my challenge yours seems small. I think we are all facing exactly the challenge that is perfect to lead us through the doorway to new dimensions. Your challenge is just what it should be, as is mine.

Let us walk together, you and I, through the doorway into the greatness of the light that illumines all. My next step in the journey will occur on June 24th as the knife penetrates the skin to allow the surgeon to remove the lump in my breast and excise nearby lymph nodes. Yes, it will be a lumpectomy. The surgery will be done at the University of Colorado Health Sciences campus in the Breast Center, Denver. The surgeon will not only remove the lump but also “normal” tissue beyond the lump. If microscopic inspection verifies that the normal tissue surrounding the lump is indeed normal, then we will proceed with post-surgery treatment. However, if on closer inspection the normal tissue is found not to be normal but malignant than a second surgery, mastectomy, will be performed. The excised lymph nodes will also be examined to ascertain the extent of spread of the cancer.  In either case, chemotherapy, radiation and/or hormone therapy will ensue post-surgery, closer to home in Fort Collins, CO.

This will not be a quick journey, but one I know is life-changing.  I am committed to evoking more of my greatness each step of the way. I invite you to join me and evoke more and more of your greatness as well.