Late afternoon – we just returned from Denver where I had my drainage tube removed. Yahoo!!! I am free of all tubes. Now the idea is to heal before chemotherapy begins in early August and radiation, thereafter.

This window allows me time to work with clients, coaches in training and colleagues. I will also travel to Toronto July 17th to visit with my coaching colleague and friend Dorothy Siminovitch and my scientific colleagues attending the Society for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology meetings. I leave Toronto to get back in time to speak at our Colorado Women of Influence Gala on July 21st. Then preparation  for chemotherapy Auugust 5 begins. Wish I could go south for a family return, but the event is too close to the beginning of chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy will be administered  once every 3 weeks.  Most women on this regime feel sick within 48 hrs after treatment with a malaise lasting 48 hrs or more. I intend to walk every day that I can, before, during and after chemotherapy. I believe that the walking will help keep me strong and emable me to tolerate the chemotherapy more easily.

If you want to help me, envision me walking in the canyon, strong, every day and tolerating the chemotherapy regime for the next 4 – 6 months with minimal malaise.

Thanks, Lauri, for a great walk today.