Walking today with NO tubes with bags for drainage or to deliver medication, except for an embedded chemo port, I felt SO FREE! I am SO grateful for the way this journey is unfolding.

Excuse me men for a little ladies talk – skip this part if you wish. Today I even have on a bra. Now do not mistake me, this is NOT a bra that would be in my collection of beauties from “The Camisole” in Fort Collins, CO. This looks like a bra that my mother wore, although in softer fabric and color. It feels like it covers half my body. I am NOT complaining, just surprised to find this “object” on my body. However, after removing the hopital fabric, velcro “corset,” I am feeling absolute delight in feeling even a bit more like normal.

I wonder what chemo will feel like? 
I want to walk in the canyon!

Gratitude fills my being.

Thank you all for walking with me, actually and spiritually. Thank You, Louise, for a great walk, today.