Great walk Shae. After the walk Shae and I went on the search for…..”wigs!” Shae is my hairdresser and guided me to a source she has worked with before. After the walk we went up to my home office to view the wigs on my large monitors. Then we found we needed to measure my head. What was at hand – an iPod PC connector cord. So Shae measured my head with the iPod cord then we laid the cord out on my steel yardstick. I think you would have laughed if we had video taped the scene.

During the walk in the canyon, I felt…


Walking up the hills and down the valleys,
I feel uplifted by joy,
by a wave of deep peacefulness,
connected to Shae, walking with me,
the earth beneath and around me,
and everyone in the world.

It was as though I entered
another dimension of being,
vast, unknown and inviting.
Have I touched the source of love,
within me?
Ah, I welcomed the vastness,
the peace, and the joy
into my life this day, every day.

Thank you for walking with me on this journey to energies beyond imagination.