So many have connected with me to share their stories – stories of all kinds, moving, deep stories of challenges that could have diminished them, but instead has fostered their strength of being. I thank each and every one of you for trusting that I would cherish your sharing. Indeed, I do, greatly!

This morning I heard from a cancer “Sister!”  After reading some of my questions in the blog, Lori R., CT, wrote me these inspiring words.

“Whatever happens in the great unknown of the future, I am cloaked in peace.  Never before in my life, with all my contributions, achievements, etc have I ever felt this.  I love your phrase “Your call to greatness.”  It is, you can do this, and I know that attitude and approach will get you through the treatment and that “just being” will teach you things you could not have learned any other way.”

Your words are not just for me but for ALL OF US!

The truth of your words resonate through the myriad chambers and depths of my being to nourish me.



from beautiful San Diego.