Health Status

Each time I set about writing a Health Status, something changes.

The facts:

So please accept this as a projection of the future only.

1. Had chemotherapy from the time I left Victoria BC and Network and Leadership conference in Nov until late April, different reagents, minimally effective.

2. Had a biopsy of my liver sent to Dana Farber Institute in Boston for molecular analysis, I do have a mutation in my estrogen receptor. Visited Boston and then here to identify clinical trials that might be effective in my case.

3. Just learned that the breast cells also have androgen receptors a pre-requisite to qualify for a clinical trial that begins June 4.Will start the clinical trial IF my liver cells continue to function.


My mental and spiritual state:

1. I WILL come through this all to continue a healthy life.


What can YOU do to help me?

Join me in the LIVER DANCE – Envision my HEALTHY liver cells strong and overwhelming the misplaced cancerous breast cells from the liver during the LIVER DANCE.

Thank you,