Early in the evening yesterday, we received the news, our friend and colleague, Diane Hetherington, passed away.

A Tribute to Diane

Your presence infused us
with the energy of your being,
an open, inviting and loving

It aches, deeply, to know
we no longer have
your physical presence
among us.

All night last night
I felt your presence
and asked
“Diane, where are you?”

The answer I knew was
“I am right here, all around you.”
I cannot pretend to understand
what this means,
but I know that one day I will.

Your sweetness and loving kindness
will remain with all of us
who knew and loved you.

You, who have planted seeds of love
across the world,
now experiences unlimited love.
This is my consolation!
You are love and loved!
You will be with us forever.

Diane was also a fellow trainer in the Success Unlimited Network® Program.