Ah, yes, the fatigue is here. Thanks, Judith, for the walk this morning. I am slow and I do not walk as far as I used to, but being outside in contact with the earth nourishes me so. Thank You!

What LIFE is all about?

by Joan C. King 9/20/2010

My wonderings are different now!
I no longer am anxious about what
I know this is a special time,
a time of being with myself,
a time of allowing what has not yet
come forth within me to emerge.

It is a time of birthing,
a time of re-configuring the elements
of my being.
It feels extraordinary
in a way I have never experienced before.

LIFE seems so vital
even when I feel so week –
an interesting pairing of opposites.
I WELCOME all that life brings
even when I cannot know WHY!

I know that welcoming it
opens me to new dimensions of being.
Isn’t this what LIFE is all about?