Day 11 – following “My Personal Call to Greatness!”

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Driving early this morning to get a PET and CT scan I kept wonering about "The Gift, disguised." During breakfast after the scan I wrote this: The Gift Disguised Disguised as a biopsy, PET/CT scan, echogram, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation lies an unknown gift disguised as breast cancer. I am opening to the gift, wondering [...]

Day 2 – following “My Personal Call to Greatness!”

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Walking the gravel road in the canyon surrounded by the beautiful front range mountains I contemplated the suffering of so many with this disease. I felt a wave of compassion, understanding and love move through me out to all of us dealing with problems that cause us to suffer. This seemed somehow to lessen the [...]

My Personal Call to Greatness – A Journey with Breast Cancer

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Listen to this audio recording of my account My arm bumped against my breast as I was taking off my nightgown and I felt a lump. In that moment I knew two things. It was malignant and it was my personal call to greatness! My purpose is "to evoke greatness" in my coaching, speaking, [...]

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