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My arm bumped against my breast as I was taking off my nightgown and I felt a lump. In that moment I knew two things. It was malignant and it was my personal call to greatness! My purpose is “to evoke greatness” in my coaching, speaking, books and workshops. Now I was being called to bring forth more of my greatness to meet this challenge. I often spoke about challenges appearing “BIG” as we encounter them and feel that we are “small!” I point out that this is not truth. In fact, challenges are always limited. We, our spirit, is not limited. We are not what we have experienced ourselves to be to date. There is always “MORE!” I speak of this “MORE” in a video on the homepage of the website at the bottom. Now I was being called to bring out yet “MORE” of myself.

This is what I DO NOT KNOW:
1. What are all the characteristics of this breast cancer and its invasion into the axillary lymph node?
2. What will my journey entail, will I need a mastectomy? a double mastectomy? Radiation treatment? Chemotherapy?
3. How much will my life be disrupted?

This is what I DO KNOW.
1. This IS a personal call to greatness, as I will need to bring forth more of my greatness to meet this challenge.
2. I WANT to meet the challenge.
3. I AM NOT afraid. I have internal and external resources.
4. I will come to be MORE than I am now!

I intend to track my journey here with you. Why? One out of eight women encounter breast cancer in their lives. I hope that the approach I take in my journey may bring new perspectives to others dealing with this disease.