Shae and I might have looked ridiculous dragging ski poles along a gravel road in the summertime. BUT the ski poles made a noise that might warn snakes of our approach. Shae did find one small dead snake – the color of a rattler. No other snakes detected. Snakes shed their skin and are considered a symbol of transformation, wisdom, alchemy and healing. Nonetheless, I’d rather encounter a dead snake than a defensive one, ready to strike.

Dolphins played a primary role in my fanciful meditation this morning, enticing me to ride on their back, luring me into the expansive ocean, as I playfully rolled across their backs. In this energy I felt expanded, playful and enormously nourished.

    Poem from Magic of Dolphins

      by Horace Dobbs

     Pushing through green waters Symbol of joy
    You leap from the depths
    To touch the sky
    Scattering spray

    Like handfuls of jewels
    Not caged by union rules
    Unfettered by sales targets
    No trains, or planes to catch
    Your time is set by the flow
    Of the sea’s tide
    And the moon’s glow

    You give us images of ecstasy
    That we lock away
    Behind the doors of memory
    For quiet moments
    When released by our possessions
    We dream of freedom like yours