Walking in the canyon this morning, I pondered the words “Partnership, Power and Freedom.”
I considered how my partnerships brought me power and freedom – with life, the energy of being, myself, my husband, my friends, my team of associates, etc. etc. etc. I thought about my partnership with the ski pole I brought along today, dragging it to alert any nearby snakes. This partnership, as simple as it was, alleviated any shred of anxiety – neighbors had reported seeing a coiled snake on this road a few days ago. This power of partnership brought me a strong sense of freedom. All of this, partnership, power and freedom, allowed me to deeply enjoy my walk this morning.

I began to think about shaping the energy of our partnerships so that they do bring us power and freedom rather than take them away.

What characterizes an authentic partnership that brings power and freedom to you?

“Blessed is the
influence of one
true, loving,
human soul on

George Eliot