Encouraging news!

Though we did not get rain, the fire line in the north end of Redstone Canyon is reported to be solid and holding. It is described  as “cold”  with low risk at this point. However there are still some small areas of active fire on nearby Christ Mountain, which crews are working hard to extinguish.

The biggest concern for those  in Redstone Canyon is the far west flank of the fire, which is still burning out of control and too hot for a back burn.

They’re waiting for more favorable conditions to move ahead with that firing operation.  In the meantime, they continue to have concerns about the potential for a wind shift that could hook that part of the fire back SE toward our area.  That is the main reason occupants are not allowed to return to Redstone.  If the winds stay somewhat calm we may be allowed back within the next couple of days. There has been minimal damage to poles and lines in Redstone. There is a plan to turn the power back on soon.

Over the weekend the Type I Incident Command Fire Crew transitioned to a new, fresh team.  This is their standard procedure after 2 weeks of continuous firefighting activities in part to give crews a much-needed rest as well as the chance to return to their regular jobs.  Some may return to the High Park Fire and some may be assigned to other fires.

Evening Update for the High Park Fire – 6/24/12

The High Park Fire is estimated at 83,205 acres with 45 percent containment. The current cost of the fire to date is estimated at $29.6 million dollars. There are 2,037 fire personnel and that number will increase as additional resources arrive.  In addition there are 13 Type 1 hand crews, 21 Type 2 hand crews, 170 engines, 12 dozers and 26 water tenders. Air Resources include 7 Type I helicopters, 3 Type II helicopters, 9 Type III helicopters, 5 heavy air tankers, 1 Type II helicopter with a radiometric imaging system attached and fixed wing support aircraft.

Hopefully  the winds stay somewhat calm and do not shift to take the fire back toward Redstone.