It occurred to me as I was walking this morning that being clear (one of my highest vaues) about the “My Personal Call to Greatness” is essential. I strove to be “perfect” when I was in the convent and to “excel” when I was in academia. Both of these were based in my ego, to a large extent. My deep desire to evoke my greatness comes from a different source. I truly do believe that EVERYONE has the same source of greatness. My intense desire to bring it forth can be shared by everyone, since everyone has the same source of life and the same potential for greatness!

Today, we have a series of appointments with surgeons, oncologists, etc. The reality will set in today, in a different way. More later….

What a day of learning of advances in the treatment of breast cancer from surgeons, radiologists, oncologists and multidisciplinary teams. There are many choices depending on the characteristics of the tumor. We have more consults then will develop a plan of action. We are so grateful for the advances in analysis and treatment.

Tomorrow after a consult off to Boulder to talk about “Recognize your inner wealth!”