Listen to Joan speaking about her experience today

Terrified of leaving all I knew, contemplating leaving the convent many years ago, music provided an escape from the suffering I was experiencing. I would go into the music room, close all the doors, turn on the player with huge 3 ft. speakers, lay on the floor and feel the vibration of Rockmaninoff.

Once again, this time with a nano ipod in my pocket and Bose earplugs, music allured me into the beauty of expansiveness. My being followed the notes, the orchestral symphony. I flew into the place of expansiveness – so grateful for the creativity of musicians who reached to the music of the spheres and brought it to life here in our world.

Then, in meditation, I dreamed a dream – a dream to stay connected to the deepest part of my being and participate in my healing.

With each phrase of music I felt I was delving into the depths of my being and expanding into the beauty of the Universe.