Listen to Joan speaking about her experience

“Optimal health, optimal team, optimal process” were the words that echoed through the chambers of my mind as I walked beneath the blue skies, this morning. I felt a sense of safety, connected to health providers and patients who have travelled this road before me.

The image of myself a 10 year old, just hearing of my father’s unexpected death, an only child, feeling abandoned, alone and afraid, met me as I walked. I consoled this child telling her how well she would do in her life, what great adventures awaited her. Then I realized I was not only talking to this child, I was also talking to my adult self, now.

The image of my mother emerged next, with her expectations that I always be perfect and her inability to understand why I always wanted more from life.  Why couldn’t I be satisfied with what everyone else was satisfied with? Why did I have to go to such extremes?

As my footsteps carried me up and down the beautiful hills of the canyon these images accompanied me. Finally, near the end of my walk I could feel my mother giving me permission to follow “My Personal Call to Greatness!”  A feeling of oneness with all others, the earth and life coursing through me flooded my being.

All is well!