Friends are askng “How are you?”  Here is my answer.

I am prepared to walk through a door that opens to a new dimension of life;
to experience life in a way I  have never experienced before; to open to a deeper level of compassion and commitment to life; to connect with you, my friends, in an expanded fashion.

 I am READY!

Some have indicated that I might be denying the pain and desperation that might ensue. No, I am not. I may fall apart, I am human, but I KNOW that because of my embrace of life, ALL LIFE, I will become whole again; I may experience saddening pain and malaise, but I KNOW that the pain and malaise will not destroy me. Yes, I am ready to be human, to suffer, but not to be destroyed.

I AM ready!

Today my husband and I go to a friend’s house, Dr. Maggie Wierman, who is an Endocrinologist at U Colorado Health Center and head of Endocrinology at the VA hospital. We go to “Day Surgery” at 6 am tomorrow morning. I like to have surgeons operate on me FIRST thing in the morning. Dr. Christina Finlayson will operate on me about 7:30 am. The operation, involving removal of the lump and surrounding tissue, plus excision of lymph nodes in the area is expected to take about 2 and a half hours. Then, since I will have general anesthesia it is anticipated I will be in recovery for 2 – 3 hours. When I am able to leave the recovery room we will return to Dr. Wierman’s home where we will spend the night. We return to Redstone Canyon Friday.

Regarding my walking, the surgeon does want me to walk the day after surgery – but only for 15 min. Stu, my husband, will walk with me over the weekend.

Would love volunteers to walk with me next week  unless I need to undergo a second surgery – a mastectomy should the tissue around the lump reveal it is also maglignant. So, I am looking for volunteers from Monday through Friday next week. Remember, I listen to music during the walk, I will not be talking, although I would be glad to visit with you after the walk. I am trying to walk in the early morning to avoid the heat. So, if you could make it here for 7 am that would be FABULOUS.

If you want to volunteer for a specific day, please leave a comment here and everyone will know that specfic day is covered.

I will give Stu instructions on how to write on the blog so that you can know how I did during the surgery tomorrow.