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A Legacy of Love and Laughter by Sharon Montes

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"The possession of Knowledge, unless accompanied by a manifestation and expression in Action, is a vain and foolish thing. Knowledge, like Wealth, is intended for Use." -Hermes Trismagitus 300 BC As we prepare to spend a second March without the presence of Joan in physical body I pause to reflect on the legacy of love and [...]

A Letter to Joan from Sandra Scott

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Dearest Joan, Thank you for continuing to speak to me. Thank you for sharing your courage and showing me what it looks like to live a life fearlessly. You have gifted me and so many others with hope, purpose and love. Sometimes, I hear your voice louder than my own gremlin’s voice.  I can feel you stomping [...]

Expansiveness by Tiffany Lehman

By |2016-03-06T16:49:57+00:00March 6th, 2016|Uncategorized|

I had the privilege to work with Joan for many years.  While reflecting on what to write about to honor Joan on her birthday, I was overwhelmed with all I learned from her.  The many lessons, insights, and shifts I had, and continue to have in my life after working with and knowing her will [...]

In Celebration of Joan by Deborah Howard

By |2016-03-04T19:08:27+00:00March 4th, 2016|Uncategorized|

In this month of Joan’s birthday I celebrate her life. When I picture Joan, I hear her laughter, I see her smile Most importantly, I feel her love. Joan lived life on her own terms and supported anyone else striving to do that She was a giver A giver of love A giver of compassion [...]

Life Purpose, Clarity, Power by Judith Hamman

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For two years after leaving academia, Joan C. King read books and did exercises to realize her life purpose. Then she began working with Teri–E Belf, founder of the  Success Unlimited Network Coaching Certification program. I was astounded by the life purpose exercise because it was so simple and very powerful. It touched those times in [...]

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