For two years after leaving academia, Joan C. King read books and did exercises to realize her life purpose. Then she began working with Teri–E Belf, founder of the  Success Unlimited Network Coaching Certification program.

I was astounded by the life purpose exercise because it was so simple and very powerful. It touched those times in my life when I was deeply connected to who I really am.  My purpose hasn’t changed in 13 years except that the energy of it has evolved and the meaning of the words has deepened.

Dr. King is a Master Certified Coach, coach mentor, speaker, author, consultant, and workshop leader with 25 years as an educator, scientist, and administrator in

universities and academic – based organizations. She has written a series of books on Cellular Wisdom, and her latest book is titled, Life on Purpose: Wisdom at Work.

After 13 years of living your purpose and writing a book about it, what is the most significant and inspiring way that your purpose functions in your life?

It is a measuring stick. My purpose is to freshly and expansively unfold my decision to love and help people evoke their greatness. Whenever I do something in my business and career, I ask….Will I be able to do it freshly? Will I be able to do it from a place of expansiveness? Will I be doing it from a decision to love? Does it have the potential to inspire my greatness and the greatness of others? If the answers are yes, it’s the right thing for me to do. I use it in every creative project, I say it every morning when I wake up and every evening before I go to sleep. I know that as it becomes me, the ego part of me recedes and the universal part of me expands. So, you see, I use it extensively to realize the greatest potential I can give to the world.

If you hadn’t become clear about your purpose years ago, in what way would your life be different now?

Joan King, the neuroscientist says:

Of course I would need to have had a control group to really answer that.

Then her face lights up and she blurts out:

The clarity from my purpose is like a laser beam with a lot of confidence and power to say no to all the things that would take me off track because I tend to want to do a lot.

Whatever I do is hinged in the energy of my purpose whether it is my career, my family, or medical challenges.

Is there anything you would like to add?

Yesterday, I did a workshop at Colorado State University, and I was asked, “Do you think silence is important in accessing your purpose?”

King answers:

Yes I do!

– Judith Hamman