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“What are you projecting into your future?” A Jolt of Joan for the week of Sept 3, 2012

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  What are you projecting into your future? If you are projecting fear into your future, fear of loss, of disrupted dreams or unfulfilled desires, you may actually only see evidence of this in your future. This means that you will not likely see opportunities to gain what you are yearning for, realizing your dreams and fulfilling [...]

A tribute to Marvin Hamlisch

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A man of passion and talent, who loved life and loved people. Music stoked the chords of his being. He heard it always!  His host of public awards and accomplishments impress, 12 time Academy award nominee, 3 time Oscar winner, 4 Emmy awards, 4 Grammy awards, and a Tony award. More striking are the hidden [...]

“The RIGHT question!” A Jolt of Joan for the week of August 5, 2012

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Why the RIGHT question? Einstein watching sun rays asked “Could I travel on a beam of light? Could I reach or exceed the speed of light?” These questions led him to develop the general theory of relativity and effect a revolution in physics. In their book “Power Questions: Build Relationships, Win New Business, and Influence [...]

We returned HOME ! ALL is well!

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Thanks to so many of you who offered supporting energy and kept us in your hearts. We came home on Tuesday June 29th and the Pre-evacuation notice was lifted on Friday July 1. What a glorious time! Even cleaning out the refrigerator and the freezer, a very smelly task, given the electricity was off for [...]