I took this picture Sunday while we visited Mesa Verde National Park, CO

“How do we navigate this?”

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Sometimes we find ourselves plunged into what we might describe as a “black hole” – a place were everything we rely upon disappears. Fright and a yearning for the familiar world that has disappeared fill us. We realize that no amount of wishing will bring our old world back. Nothing makes sense in this new “black hole.”  The question, “How do I navigate this place?” rises up into our consciousness. The Anasazi, cliff dwellers of Mesa Verde” suggest:

“Look for light
Listen for inspiration on the wind
Let water cleanse your soul
Set yourself on a firm foundation
Serve as the plants
Do not offend your fellow creatures
Live in harmony with all creations” 

This week allow yourself to fall into the “black hole” you have been avoiding. Navigating it will bring you to a deeper place within yourself and in your relationships. Open to the unknown that yearns to be found.