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A book club is a great way to connect with others, create meaningful dialogue, learn and extract more than you can imagine from a book. In addition, you can interact with the author asking questions that arise as you read the book.

Reader’s Circle makes it easy for you to find and join a book club that is right for you! Check out their website. Notice my book “Cellular Wisdom for Women. AN INNER WORK BOOK.”


The book guides your inner journey to your true self. It helps you:

  • clear away misperceptions about who you are
  • release these limitations forever
  • identify practical steps to help you do this

You will awaken and accelerate your process of claiming the fullness of who you truly are.

  • Follow the steps to change and awaken your greatness!

Finally your journey culminates as you come to know the full essence of your being. As you take these last steps of your journey you claim your essence and live the larger life!

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to read about and buy “Cellular Wisdom for Women AN INNER WORK BOOK” and the DVDs from workshops.

http://www.readerscircle.org/ to consider joining or forming a book club.

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