Back in Ljubljana at the Slon (Elephant) Hotel! In 1552, Maximillian II, Archduke of Austria, 25 yrs old recently married Mary of Spain. On his way back from Spain, he brought along one of his wedding presents, an elephant named Soliman. Maximillian stopped at the best inn in Ljubljana with his escort and the elephant. The Hotel Slon was later built on the site of this inn. Elephants were rarely seen in Europe until public zoos were created in Vienna in 1779 and London in 1828.

This was taken in front of Hotel Slon when we first arrived before our trip to Verona. Notice the “Colorado Women of Influence” tote I am carrying.

Yesterday in Verona we visited the famed house of Juliet (of Romeo and Juliet). This is the balcony!


I rested in the afternoon to be ready for the outdoor opera performance of Carmen in a Roman Arena, which began at 9 pm and lasted until after midnight.

The performance, staging and environment was breathtaking. Will post more pictures later.

Today we drove back from Verona to Ljubljana. I slept most of the drive and am staying in tonight while Stu, collaborators and students go out for supper.

I am slowing my pace, taking time to rest and watching my hair fall out. Tonight I wore a wig for the first tme. I am very grateful to have identified the lump when I did. Thank you all for your loving wishes and thoughts.