Joan C King

followed by waiting
followed by waiting

I’ve waited before
for my 16th birthday
to get my driver’s license
to enter the convent
to leave the convent
to get married
to get divorced
to love again

Waiting now
is different.
It lives in the place
of no space
of no time
of not knowing

It is difficult to share
except with those who
are waiting, too
The fabric of life
is no longer recognizable

The ordinary has retreated
beyond my reach
in so many ways
I feel called
to something more
to a higher vibratory frequency
of being
of expression
of connection
of love
of greatness

Firefighters Making Progress

Taking advantage of the cooler temperatures after three consecutive days of Red Flag warnings, firefighters launched an offensive on Wednesday, allowing them to make good progress on containment.

 “Yesterday was much better. We did have a good opportunity with weather and today as well,” said Incident Commander Bill Hahnenberg. “I’m optimistic that after tonight’s operational period, or after tomorrow’s operational period, during the day… we’ll have a fair amount of additional containment.”

 Area temperatures dipped into the 70s on Wednesday, and were expected to hit 80 degrees Thursday.

 Hahnenberg said it possibly could be months before it’s finally controlled.

 Crews continued to build indirect line on the southeast flank, south of Laurence Creek Lane (this includes Redstone Canyon – location of our home.  Within the interior, firefighters continue to identify and mop up hotspots near the unburned islands and around structures.

 The U.S. Forest Service said about 50 National Guard members are helping at roadblocks as officials prepare for the meeting with fire managers.