Amanda Kost    7NEWS – Multimedia Journalist     KMGH-TV / KZCO-LD

Watch 7 news at 3pm today LIVE
and listen to the interview with me.

Here is what I wrote while Amanda and her camera man, Mike
were here.

What a joy it is to share
The experience with you
You who can disseminate
Another perspective,
Another way of viewing the challenge

One that allows people to reach within
And bring forth MORE of their greatness
To decide WHO they want to be in this experience
And how they want to relate to the energy within them.

All of us are responsible for our internal state of being.
Most of us have not heard that before,
But it is the secret of living through the difficult times.

This is the TIME, now is the moment to set yourself FREE
From victimhood.
Declare it.

And there is more to being FREE than you ever imagined,
It is being FREE of internal pain, of internal fragmentation
Tearing yourself apart with imagined catastrophe.
That is NOT being responsible.

I am asked to create some keyboard noise and
As I do I am reminded of the noise that we generate within
Every time we hear a bit of news – a new description of loss.