Infuse the season with meaning: seeing beyond…

Joan C. King

Growing up family gatherings during the holidays
were times to evaluate your success, your weight, etc.
I always wondered why these topics loomed large in conversation.

This year I want to infuse the season with true meaning.
I want to see beyond the facade of how people look
into their hearts and connect with them there.

I want to forgo the focus on stories of accomplishment
to touch the deeper place of being beyond doing.

Maybe this means I listen more and talk less.
Maybe this means I look into the
eyes of the person I am talking to and smile more.
Maybe it means I formulate a conscious decision
to love more, to love those I may not be attracted to
but who share the human experience with me.

When I am being present and caring,
I will leave knowing I was really there
for myself, being myself, but also
for everyone else, too!

Happy Holidays!