The first full day of the conference began with recognizing coaches present at the meeting from 56 countries. As each country’s name was projected in bold letters on two huge screens followed by the flag of the country, coaches stood up to be acknowledged with enthusiastic clapping. In addition to those attending in person, people from 64 countries are attending virtually. This is the most diverse attendance of any ICF conference.

Janet Harvey, President of ICF asked the question “What is the intention you have for humanity flourishing?” She quoted an economist declaring “Potential is the new currency of the world.”

Author and social scientist, Brene Brown, Ph.D., whose TED talk you might have seen was the “megacatalyst” who gave the opening keynote address this morning. She spoke of “Daring greatly” the title of her new book which just reached #1 on the New York Times best seller list. She defines daring greatly as showing up and being seen. In her studies of “wholehearted” people she found they shared the common element of being worthy of love and belonging. Further, she stated that 90% got there by working to get there by choosing to rest and play. They practiced creativity. She told many stories about what vulnerability is and is not and how unused creativity turns into shame. Shame was contrasted with guilt. Feeling shame involves a judgment about oneself “I am an idiot.” Guilt, on the other hand focuses on behavior “I can’t believe I did that.” You might want to watch Brene’s TED talk and read her work “Daring Greatly.”

Educational breakout groups was followed by lunch.

There was so much this morning that I am now integrating and resting in my room.

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